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about us

In 1980, we came face to face with the Turkish industry and put it to heart by saying that I am here in the infancy of the industry in Turkey.

By growing like a plane tree and establishing at least 9 electric motor manufacturers and 3 small home appliances in our shadow, I made great contributions to the Turkish economy on behalf of the industry.

Now, we have gained an important place in the door automation sector, which we feel lacking in our country, by giving importance to quality, price and time factors and saying the engine is our business. 

By saying that our success is the success of our country, and our quality is universal quality, we are advancing in this lane with our heads high and confident steps.

Our success is hidden in our 39-year history, in our shadow growing like a plane tree, in our people's trust in us.

Our quality is hidden in the words "Take, Forget" and "Plug, Forget".

Ahmet Bahçivan
Electrical Engineer
Chairman of the Board

Contact us

Yakuplu Mh. Haramidere San. site Agate St. H Blok No68/205 Beylikdüzü Istanbul Turkey

+90 (530) 684 6334

+90 (544) 845 5540

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El Simge Helping

motors 5

2.5 years warranty on all other parts


Class A energy efficiency


Excellent quality/price performance

dişli çark

10 Year Parts Availability Guarantee

Dişli çark

Compatible mechanics

Renk paleti

Compact structure Ergonomic design, fast and convenient assembly



sessiz, hızlı ve uzun ömürlü


"E120/EV60 , CE Sertifikası ile Önce İnsan

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